YouTube Google account, Twitch account or RTMP information is needed to broadcast.

To broadcast, you need a Google account with YouTube Studio enabled, Twitch account or RTMP information. To broadcast on YouTube, you must log in to Google and activate it in YouTube Studio.


1. Link YouTube account

Click on YouTube Studio > Start Live Streaming



To live stream, you need to verify your YouTube channel. If live streaming is not certified, the live streaming function will be activated after 24 hours.



2. RTMP transmission

RTMP stands for Real Time Messaging Protocol, and Mobizen Studio supports broadcasting connection using RTMP protocol. You need to check the RTMP information for each Internet broadcasting service, and since RTMP information is different for each account, you need to check the RTMP information of your account. You can broadcast by entering the RTMP URL and stream key in the studio broadcast information.

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