Mobizen Studio Update for January 2024!!

Try the brand new features - Mobizen Studio v2.0 BETA!


1. Go Live Together  

🎈 You can now create teams in Mobizen studio and invite team members for livestreaming. 

Feel Free to join any broadcasting room your team members created!

Team is automatically created on you first login to v2.0!



2.Faster & Better Live Streaming Home

🎈 Simply create a team, invite members, and choose a team to go live.

Just type in a title to quickly create a broadcasting room!πŸ‘€

select between two modes to view the streams created by you team members, or you own streams. You can set the order by date or alphabetical order. 



3.Larger Canvas Size

🎈Have you ever been frustrated by the small cavas when decorating your broadcasting room?  

Explore the latest canvas - now just got bigger and wider!

Collapse the editing window for a larger view.



4.Easy to add and manage

🎈Add sources for differnet broadcasts in My Source

Sources available in v2.0

1. Camera

2. Screen share 

3. Image file

4. Microphone 

5. Text



🎈The Scenes have been relocated!

This allows to display multiple scenes at once.

Zoom in on a scene for a larger preview!



🎈With the new Layer feature, you can make sources you've added to your scene temporarily invisible without deleting them. 

Just click on the Eye icon to toggle on and off the sources in the Layers window!



5.New Colorful Backgrounds

🎈Easily cutomize your scenes with a variety of background colors that Mobizen Studio offers.

You can even design you own wallpaper with custom colors!

Transform your broadcasting room using your own colors.



6.Floating Chat & Livestream Windows

🎈Now you can freely move around chat and livestream windows.

Locate them anywhere you want, so that you won't be distracted-wether you are on live or doing your editing work!



7.Team Broadcasts, Livestreams, and More!

🎈 Add team broadcasts to communicate with your team members, and go live by adding live streaming sevice.



8.Quick Access to Livestreams

🎈Managing live account has been moved to the top!

Check which accounts have been added and instantly navigate to the platform you're streaming to. 



9.Record without Going Live

🎈It is now possible to record and save whenever you want, without streaming!

Just click start Recording instead of Go Live. 



10.Redesigned Member Page

🎈We've also given this page a facelift too.

Join your team broadcasts directly from the team broadcast list. 

No more invite link, not even your source! 

Also the chatbox is free to move around on the screen. 



πŸ”” Hold on! Then how do I try out v2.0 beta? 

You'll first need to log in with your existing Mobizen Studio account to explore v2.0 beta. Once logged in, Click Go to v2.0! 


Use your Mobizen Studio account to log in on the v2.0 beta login page. And you are all set to go! 






Please let us know if you have any questions about Mobizen Studio!

We would love to hear from you!πŸ˜†

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