1. Prepare for Broadcasting

Before starting the broadcast, you can prepare for the live broadcast through the broadcast service settings, recording, and preview window.


To check the live broadcast settings, click on the LIVE icon on the right toolbar.


2. Add Broadcast Services

Before starting the broadcast, you need to add and select which channel to broadcast.


Click the [+] Add broadcast service button, and you can choose to use a new or registered account.


3. Connect Broadcast Account Platforms

1) Enter the login information to connect to YouTube and Twitch platforms.

2) RTMP integration allows direct input of the connection display name and stream key for the platform. You can add it by entering the server URL provided by the RTMP platform.

3) Registered broadcast account information will be displayed in the broadcast service settings.


Click the [Use] button next to the broadcast account for the channel, and it will be displayed on the broadcast service list.

4) You can change broadcast information through broadcast settings.


4. Pre-recording

1) Click the [Start Broadcast] button and switch on the recording function. The REC icon and recording time will be displayed when the recording is on.


2) After completing the recording for rehearsal or broadcasting sources, download the recording files from the list.


5. Live Broadcasting

1)Switch on the broadcast channel and click the [Start Broadcast] button to start the live broadcast.


The broadcast account, broadcast link, and Live icon will be displayed on the broadcast service list.

2) You can check the broadcast status (Ready to go live/On live) by clicking the account image next to the [Start Broadcast] button. 


If you click the [Watch live] button, the page will be moved to the channel with a new window.

3) You can check the status of the transmitted screen through the preview window.


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