Happy New Year NEW Item announcement!

Hello, live streamers! πŸ‘€


Your 2023 be with Mobizen Studio πŸŽ‰


Now, start New Year Live using the 2022 Happy New Year item!

- 7 Happy New Year Templates

- 8 Happy New Year Image Items

Start live streaming now with Happy New Year templates and images.

Step 1. Click the 'Create' button on the studio list on the dashboard

Step 2. Select the Happy New Year tab from the template provided, and start by selecting one of the seven Happy New Year templates.





Add a Happy New Year image to your scene screen.


Step 1. Click the image button on the right toolbar.

Step 2. Click the 'Add Image' button.

Step 3. Select the "Happy New Year" category from the Add Image pop-up, select the desired image (8 Happy New Year images are available), and the Happy New Year image will be added to your scene screen.





Spend your New Year with all of your friends and family through Mobizen Studio.


With a variety of New Year templates in Mobizen Studio, invite anyone you haven't met for so long!! 



Let's start with Happy New Year Live.

Mobizen Studio Team

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