How do I start (transmit) the broadcast?

Click the triangle button at the top right in the studio room to show the option for broadcasting.

If the broadcasting service (YouTube, RTMP) is connected, the account or RTMP information of the broadcasting service is displayed.

If the transmission service is not connected, you can connect the transmission service on the corresponding page.


If you connect to YouTube during the transmission service, it is displayed as shown on the screen. Before starting the broadcast, turn on the broadcast button.


If broadcasting is turned on in your account and you click Start Broadcast, the broadcast will be sent immediately.


To transmit after the broadcast starts, you can change it to on with the transmit button after the broadcast starts.


When the broadcast starts, the video transmission information is shown at the top of the studio room.


The message Live is displayed next to the account information. Click the share link next to the account and the YouTube link being broadcast is shown in a new window.

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